Error trying to connect unexpected EOF during handshake

each time i try to start Windows PC desktop version, Version 2.1.44,
I get a Network error message: error sending request for url (): error trying to connect:
unexpected EOF during handshake
I googled it and found Anki Forum entries with the same problem dating from 2020,
with much older Anki versions, mostly Chinese users and
highly sophisticated technical instructions which I would not be able to follow.

Rebooting the Notebook DOES solve the problem, but it is awkward to constantly
have to reboot just to sync and work with Anki, especially since this was not
needed in the past versions…

Anyone has a simple fix ?
Thank you for any hint!
Greetings from Germany

Have you tried this?


Strange that a reboot fixes it. Maybe some buggy software/antivirus/etc on your machine?

I am having the same trouble. I followed the advice in the link, and discovered that I am dropping packets. So, I synced using another computer on a different network and that seemed to work at the time. But it did not fix the problem on my home system. I am at my wit’s end, as my PC on my home network is my primary learning resource. Any other possible suggestions? Cheers.

P.S. I am on a router, in China.

I’m afraid this is likely caused by the filtering China does to international traffic. You may find you get better results when using a proxy/VPN.

Appreciate the feedback, but alas no. I am using a VPN/proxy already. And, I have discovered that I can have another computer - a Mac - on the same network, AT THE SAME TIME, which does sync, while the PC does not. I have re-installed Anki on my PC as well, all to no effect.

If we assume it’s not a hardware issue, that seems to imply that the two devices are not communicating with AnkiWeb in the same way. Perhaps Anki is able to pick up the proxy/VPN settings on one of the computers but not the other? You could try the latest Anki beta, as it’s able to pick up a configured proxy in some cases where previous versions could not.

The IT manager at my office was able to create a new TEST user account on my PC, and then Anki synched just fine for them. So I created a new user account for myself. And Anki will NOT work for me, using the same settings.

No idea I’m afraid - the IT manager is best placed to help you out here.

Dearest Anki-Programming Team!

Thank you million times for your work and the latest version
2.1.46 (94913ec2)⁩. After downloading and installing,
all sync errors with unexpected EOF during handshake
have dissappeared! I have not changed ANYTHING else
on my Windows 10 - based Notebook but since this
lates version I do not have to reboot my laptop anymore
in order to sync successfully !!!
Just to let you know: whatever you did - you did a great job !!!
THANK YOU !!! ;-)))

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