Unable to edit cards in card browser

I’ve been having issues with the browser window and only with one card type. I am using the newest version of Anki. When I go to the card browser and I click on the card, nothing shows up in the card preview. I am also unable to close out Anki. I would need to use the task manager to force quit the app. I have uninstalled all addons, tried setting up different profiles, and nothing works. I have no issues with other card types, but once I click on a card with that card type, Anki becomes unusable. I am unable to edit cards in the card browser.

Which card type are you having trouble with? Have you started Anki without add-ons to rule them out as the cause?

It’s cloze card type with 6 fields. The only workaround I have found is editing a card by going to the card type menu and making edits to the front template, back template and styling. Once I do that, I exit out and then when I go back to the card browser, everything seems to work again. By doing that, it will go to a card that is unaffected. I have disabled all my addons. After investigating the problem further, it seems that it is certain cards with that same card type that causes the problem. Once the card browser opens that card, the app freezes

I presume you mean your Anaesth notetype? I tried clicking on a bunch of random cards with that notetype and could not trigger the issue. After updating to the latest Anki version, if the issue continues, can you identify a specific example card that triggers the issue?

I was able to reproduce the problem with the “chapter 47 chronic pain” tagged cards

When I search for that tag, it doesn’t reveal any cards. Did you make a change since writing?

I added the deck back to my profile. I deleted it since it was causing problems each time I had those cards open in the card browser. Thank you for your help!

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Hi, just wanted to follow up on this issue. I just removed the deck from my profile. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you

Was this issue while using the Ankisthesia deck? I am having the exact same issue, but only while using that deck.

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