Unable to cloze on iPad

I am unable to cloze more than one pharse on my iPad

How do I cloze more than one sentence in the same card?

If you want to cloze multiple phrases on a card, you should set the same cloze numbers for them all.

So instead of using {{c1::…}} {{c2::…}} {{c3::…}}, just make them all {{c1::…}} {{c1::…}}, {{c1::…}}

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Can I cloze the pictures as well?

You can long press on the […] button to insert another cloze with the same number. I’m afraid it’s not possible to occlude images using AnkiMobile - currently you need to use an add-on in the computer version for that.

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Image occlusion for iPad would ease the work a lot. Kindly consider.

You can try the closet addon. It’s just needs a kinda complicated setup, but it includes image occlusion and it works everywhere.

Could you please tell me how to do this ?

You can message me privately if you need help with the set up, but you would need Anki desktop. Here’s the addon page. Closet For Anki - AnkiWeb