Ultimate Italian Conjugation: Spanish version just released, need more help

Howdy everyone,

Some of you may be familiar with my Ultimate Italian Conjugation deck, a novel approach to learning conjugation “all at once”, instead of messing about with a few simple tenses and creating some blind spots for yourself that you later regret:

I’m pleased to announce that as of today there is a Spanish version of the deck thanks to the amazing work of supervalino.

If you like the idea and method, translation-wise, I would love to get help in two directions:

  1. Porting the idea to other languages (e.g. to learn German conjugation)

  2. Translating the “prompt” side of the existing Italian deck so that speakers of other languages can also learn Italian conjugation

Please feel free to contact me either through GitHub or through the comment form on the Manual’s web page.

Thanks for looking!