UI issue + suggestion

I recently updated to the QT6 version of Anki for Windows. I’m using the latest 2.1.60 QT6. So I noticed that in the UI, the windows hand cursor icon thing that comes up when hovering over links isn’t showing up in various parts of the UI anymore. For example it doesn’t show up when hovering over the Decks Add Browse Stats Sync buttons at the top. It also doesn’t show up when reviewing and hovering over show answer or when hovering over Again Hard Good Easy. On the other hand, it does show up when hovering over the deck names and also when clicking on Study Now after choosing the deck.

I think it would be better the old way where the hand cursor icon showed up in all 4 locations.

The second thing is if it’s possible to have an option in the preferences screen to open the app to the Profiles selection dialog that old versions defaulted to if you had more than 1 user profile instead of automatically opening the last used profile.


I believe the hand issue is a bug in the qt6 toolkit.


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