[2.1.51 Qt6] Doesn't show next card after answering

I’m noticing some weird behavior in the latest version that I haven’t seen in version 2.1.49.

After answering a card, the answer buttons will change from “Again, Hard, Good, Easy” to “Show answer” as expected. However, sometimes, instead of showing me the next card, the card I just answered will just linger around indefinitely. Only when I move and hover my mouse over one of the buttons at the bottom (without clicking), it immediately and automatically updates to the next card. Scrolling also works, provided the front of the card is long enough to scroll.
Happens about once every 4 cards on average, I’d say? It also happens when disabling all add-ons (by holding shift while starting Anki).

I’ve tried both the anki and anki-bin AUR packages, both were built with Qt6. I couldn’t find a package that still uses Qt5.

  • Anki
    • Version ⁨2.1.51 (cf78a555)⁩
    • Python 3.10.4 Qt 6.3.0 PyQt 6.3.0.
  • Arch Linux
  • KDE Plasma
  • Wayland
  • Nvidia proprietary drivers

Thanks in advance for any help,

Please see Linux Distro Packages - Anki Manual

Maintainer of anki in the AUR here. I’m currently not forcing anki to use specific Qt versions but the anki package provides Qt5 dependencies. That’s why I also maintain anki-qt6 with Qt6 dependencies.

The reason you’re always getting Qt6 to show up is probably because you have installed python-pyqt6-webengine as a dependency from another package. Anki prefers Qt6 to Qt5 out of the box.

The issue does not appear with Qt5, that I can confirm.

@dae are there any env vars to force a specific Qt version? I’ve been looking around but couldn’t find anything.

@Munzu anki in the AUR now is forced to use Qt5. Give it a try (2.1.51-2)

Perfect! Thank you! I can confirm this issue has been resolved by switching back to Qt5.

The code was written with the assumption that the package would be installed into a venv with the desired Qt version, instead of installed system-wide.