Trying to create a card

Not sure if this is the right category, but I am trying to create a code for my cards. I mean, super basic cause I don’t know coding.

I have an excel sheet with the fields: Korean, English, Korean Example Sentence, Audio

I’m trying to use TTS add-on to add audio to Korean and Korean Example Sentence.

When I did try to add it, it would only add it to the Korean Example Sentence. Even then, I tried to use the Naver one and it doesn’t work. None of the TTS works.

So I’m trying to add audio to Korean/Korean Example Sentence. And get TTS to work.

Not sure if this matters, but this is what I have for my front card.


{{Hangul:Korean Example Sentence}}

To temporarily fix Naver,

  1. Tools > Add-ons - AwesomeTTS - View Files, then go to awesometts\service folder and replace with the updated version.
  2. Restart Anki.

hello, when i clicked on naver. py, i had to download Python. but now when i click it, i get a black screen. i copied all the text from the updated version you had but it’s not letting me do anything else.

I’m sorry, I guess, I wasn’t clear.

Just press Ctrl+S to save the updated using your web browser, I guess, it should be saved correctly as, then locate it in your Downloads folder and follow the 1st step from the previous message to find in awesometts\service folder and replace it with from Downloads folder.

Alternatively, locate in awesometts\service folder and instead of double-clicking on it, right-click on it and use Open As to open it with your text editor, then copy everything from the updated version and paste/replace in the text editor, and press Ctrl+S to overwrite

Then restart Anki, open AwesomeTTS add-on and try to use Naver again.

Alternatively, uninstall AwesomeTTS add-on and install (AwesomeTTS - Add speech to your flashcards) if you didn’t install it already. In this case you could use Naver Clova TTS, but I don’t know how much it’ll cost to use it and you’ll need to create the API key, probably starting from, I can’t help with it, or support lucw on Patreon to get access to the API key. The Naver Clova TTS voices might sound better than default Naver voices. The demo page for Naver Clova TTS seems to be

And just in case, how to use AwesomeTTS -

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