Transform data from another app to anki

I’m using the anki app, the orange one, but it doesnt the function that i need like in the grey anki. So i want to transform the data . I export the file from the orange but cant import it to the grey app. It says that the file is not archive or something. I think i has saved it to the form winrar zip. What should i do ?

This is a forum for this Anki, the original one. Anything else you can download is probably a copycat. Are you sure you have the right app?

Depending on which app you have been using previously people here can probably assist you with importing your data.

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Welcome! Yes, “the orange one” is unfortunately one of the copycats.

It sounds like you have authentic Anki installed (I suppose is the grey one you’re talking about … but to be certain, make sure you downloaded it from the main site – You’ll need to install an add-on to pull your data from the copycat.

Directions for add-ons: Add-ons - Anki Manual .
The Copycat add-on:

Follow the directions on the add-on site, and there is a link there to the support thread if you have any issues.

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