Top level alphabetically, sub-decks randomly?

Hello Anki aficionados,

I want to organize my cards hierarchically to be able to learn by priority. For this I created an “Everything” deck and underneath it sub-stacks “Prio 1”, “Prio 2” and “Prio 3”.
For the “Everything” deck, I set the display order to “alphabetical” so that priority 1 is learned before priority 2. That’s clear so far.

The “Prio xx” decks contain further sub-decks with various unrelated learning topics, e.g. Math and Chinese.

I would like to have the cards of the stacks on the lowest level displayed randomly, because I don’t want to learn everything from the “Maths” stack first and then Chinese, but consider both stacks to be of equal value and so I can see both new math cards and new Chinese cards in one learning session.

How do I set the stacking options so that new cards appear alphabetically on the top level and randomly on lower levels?
Is that possible?
I think I read something like “Anki always uses the top-level options” in the help. That makes me a little suspicious.

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