Too much Cards to learn

I have the problem that I always have far too many cards to learn. I have to write summaries in addition to the flashcards and therefore don’t have time to study 50-200 cards a day. Is there a solution to this?

Either create fewer cards or dedicate more time to do Anki reviews.

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But I have to learn the things.
The problem is that I have school one day a week, for example, and then I don’t have any time to learn them. Then one day after school I have far too many cards to learn.

You could use the FSRS4Anki Helper add-on, which has some features that may help you like (Postpone).

Do you create cards on your own or do you use pre-made decks? What‘s your learning process?

If you enable FSRS, you can adjust your desired retention down, which will reduce your review burden, at the expense of forgetting more of your material.

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