Tons of images missing in Anki Iphone

tons of images missing and they dont sync across devices. I’ve tried all the regular troubleshooting steps

You have a large amount of media, which will take time to sync. Please confirm it says ‘media sync complete’:

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Both this post (which was created 26 days ago) and the linked post were answered weeks ago. If you are having trouble syncing images, have you confirmed the screen says “media sync complete” in AnkiMobile? I sound like a broken record, but not waiting for the media sync to complete is the most common cause of images not appearing. If you see that text when you sync and problems persist, please let me know.

I also updated pc version, synced it and checked data base.

Some of videos are synced, some are not. I’m sorry, but I’ve seen that it’s very common problem according to App Store Reviews.

Btw thank you for the fast response, i though you just Give up this problem. Hope this discussion will help other ppl as well.

Please hit me up if you need some additional information.

There is no file starting with 0176 in your AnkiWeb collection. If the file exists when studying with the computer version, it means that it has not been synced to AnkiWeb yet. Please check that syncing of sounds and images is enabled in the preferences screen of the computer version. Does that file play correctly when using the computer version? What does Check Media in the computer version report?

I’ve fixed the problem this way

  1. update pc version
  2. instal app to mobile device
  3. sync pc, check database.
  4. sync mobile app, check data base
  5. swipe some cards, to force app sync next time
  6. relaunch app on pc; select - download from anki web; check database
  7. swipe some cards, to force app sync next time
  8. relaunch app on mobile device, sync from Anki web

P.S. now I going to delete the new version of anki from PC, because the new player crashes app from time to time, without sync and i need to study cards again. And there is no pause, and escape button for new player…
Can I just leave this feedback here?

P.s.s thank you for your work.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by “the new player crashes app”?If you mean the audio/video player, it going down should not cause Anki to go down as well. You can try the -alternate 2.1.33 version; it uses a different audio player.

Let me give you some more information about my deck and this issue:


  1. 270+ cards in the deck, most of them with video, or audio materials
  2. deck was created and have been updated with 2.1.33 version

to reproduce a bug you need
-open deck
-go through 10-30 cards
once you opened the next card with video,
-the player freezes
-the app stops responding
-the only way to stop the app: kill the process

Sorry, I can’t record a video for you, because I already installed the old version. :heart:
developers need to rename/delete buttons in the new version because they are doesn’t work anymore


When you say “the app”, do you mean Anki stops responding, or the video player?

What input language is your keyboard in? Have you tried when it is set to English?