To switch front side and back side only in 1 subdeck?

Can I switch front side and back side only in 1 subdeck or in several chosen subdecks?
I found the possibility to switch between front and back side (“Flip”) but you can do it for the whole deck only, as far as I understand,
for example like that:
to mark all cards in the subdeck > right mouse click > Manage Note Types > Here you can choose between “Note Types” of all decks you have in Anki. You can choose only the whole deck, as far as I see. In this case: Deckname Langenscheidt [4020 notes] > Cards > Flip.

In this deck Langenscheidt [4020 notes] I downloaded from ankiweb front and back sides are differet in subdecks.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The flip feature will affect your note type, so all cards you have using the same note type will be changed, no matter the deck they are.
So if all cards on your deck are using the same note type and you don’t have more cards elsewhere you’d like to change, you’re Ok just by using the flip function. But if you’re not sure:

  • Tools > Manage note types > Add > Clone: your_note_type
  • Browser > Select all cards on your deck > Change note type > To your_new_note_type
  • Use the flip feature.
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Thank you very much for your help. I followed your instructions. It worked good, I think.

One question for better understanding. Why this way with “Clone” better or more secure?
Can I switch back to the original “note”?

At the end I had 2 notes, the empty original note and the full clone note:
“note:Langenscheidt” [0 notes]
“note:Langenscheidt CLONE_1” [4020 notes]

In this case the only cards you had using that note type were the cards in your original deck, so actually it was not necessary to clone your notetype.

You can safely delete your original note type (and rename the new one), both are identical.

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