To enhance Active Vocabulary you need this: how to see cards I've just answered in the past 10 minutes

Hi, I hope it will be considered for future updates or even better yet a wizard developer would find it interesting enough for an Add-on. If you do so please kindly make it compatible back to v 2.0.

This is particularly for language learning but maybe useful for other fields as well.

I want to step away from studying for example every 10 minutes and try to recreate (making my own sentences) as much as I can from what I’ve just saw in the past 10 min. This way I’m trying to activate the part of brain that actually creates language rather than just passively reflecting to cards as triggers. I believe it can be an efficient way to increase one’s active vocabulary. I want a log of cards that I’ve reviewed in the past 10 minutes to use it as a feedback for this process and being able to check how good I’ve done that.

P.S love you all Anki developers!

You can approximate such a feature by sorting cards by modification time in the browse screen.

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Thanks a lot Damien, that almost did the job specially when I hit the preview button it’s like replaying what I’ve been studying in the past few minutes. Somehow a hidden feature though, I had no idea I can right click on the headers and choose to show additional columns.

BTW, I’m trying to do that based on this theory of Generation Effect. More info on nesslabs dot com. (We can’t add links?)

P.S. I always think what the world would look like if only 1% of the population were people like you. Please take care of yourself and maybe sometime start a project to teach people how to be like that and why did you choose to do so.

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