Title Bar - Dark Mode Fix Broken

In .26 I would run “defaults write net.ankiweb.dtop NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool no” to make the title bar dark just like the rest of Anki, but it seems in .28 that command kind of breaks everything. The preferences screen, along with the add-ons, and even the deck settings are basically killed. I changed the command back to “yes” so it’s working again, except for the title bar. Having all of Anki in dark mode along with my desktop and this one bar for whatever reason stuck in light mode is driving me nuts. Is there a solution to make the title bar dark again?

Please see the change notes.

Thanks for the reply. I actually had already read it and was hoping for a workaround. Judging by your reply, I’m assuming there isn’t one. Will you support full dark mode in the next build? Thanks.

A trial workaround will be in the next beta, but if it causes problems I may need to revert it again.

Great! I really hope it works…thanks!