Night mode 2.1.26

I use a MacBook, and after downloading to anki 2.1.26 I have had problem with night mode have a white top bar instead of the previous black bar that I am used to having. I’ve tried changing the settings of nightmode on my computer and downloading the beta anki versions. Any help would be appreciated

I’m afraid issues with the toolkit mean that the title bar with the colour buttons can’t be shown as dark at the moment. You shouldn’t have a second title bar below it however - perhaps that is caused by an add-on you’ve installed.

I have disable all addons and the problem still persists.

It’s not an add-on issue, it’s an issue with the toolkit and Anki’s code, and can’t easily be worked around at the moment I’m afraid.

I faced a similar issue, while i tried upgrading to version 2.1.33 from 2.1.2. @dae is this issue with the toolkit and Anki’s code being worked around recently.

Dark mode handling is covered on