Timebox pop-up suddenly appears when daily cutoff hour rolls over even when not in the reviewer

I am using the V2 scheduler and have the timebox time limit enabled. The issue happens when I leave the editor open after adding some cards and go away then come back to Anki after the daily cutoff hour passes to find that the timebox pop-up appears, and after closing it, Anki takes me to the reviewer and shows me a card!

I’ve not figured out the exact steps to reproduce it yet, and so far failed to reproduce it in a test profile with the latest master.

Maybe it has something to do with the main window state wrongly set to review, then reviewer.op_executed() is executed, which is resulting in a card being shown?

Update: the issue happens regardless of whether the editor is open.

I’ve pushed a change that may solve Card progressing while timebox popup still up - #3 by mnhende2 at the same time - please let me know how it goes.

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Will do. Will watch for the Beta release and start testing right away.

The timebox message seems to have stopped appearing outside review, but Anki still takes me to the reviewing screen when the cutoff hour passes.

From which screen? I would expect it to happen if you’re on the congratulations screen, as that will refresh when any cards are due.

I was on the the deck list screen IIRC. I’ll try to pay more attention to the issue when it happens today.

I was on the congratulations screen today when at the cuttof hour and the issue didn’t happen. Not sure exactly what is triggering it sometimes, but I guess it happens most of the time after I add some cards within an hour or so before the cutoff hour.