Card progressing while timebox popup still up

For all of Anki 2 up to 2.1.44, when a timebox popup appeared, the following card did not start to show/play until after “continue” was clicked on the popup. However, in 2.1.46, the subsequent card loads and plays while the timebox popup is still up. I assume this is an unintentional regression. It is certainly annoying, because many of my cards are listening comprehension cards, so the audio for the next card is already playing while I am still looking at the timebox information and trying to decide if I want to take a break or keep going. Could the prior behavior be restored? Thanks.

I’m afraid this is not a simple fix, as the behaviour was changed to work around a crash.

Appreciation in advance if you are able to find a solution. Not having the card load/progress at all (like previously) would be ideal, but even if just the audio didn’t play that would be helpful.

@dae: The fix in beta is working for the timebox issue that I was facing. Thanks.

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