Thread for Chapman PA Didactic decks -

All of the content for each class is broken into folders based on the exam number. For example, all of the content for the first test in pharmacology is under T1::pharm::e1. I made the cards during lectures and made sure to include important info they didn’t have on slides. I also used the tag system in anki to separate the lectures. So if you wanted to find the cards for the opiates in the pharmacology deck you would look into the tag system under pharm to find T1::pharm::opioids.

In the last part of the second trimester I found a great way to limit the amount of cards you see per day to a reasonable amount and at the same time study a little bit of everything at once, which is something you have to do because there are tests coming at you quite rapidly. I used an add on for anki called Deadline 2. It lets you set a deadline and then it will set the amount of new cards you see per day based on how many days until that deadline. For example, you have a test in 10 days and you have 100 cards regarding that test, deadline will edit the deck settings so that you only see 10 new cards a day every day. Sounds weird but when you have hundreds of cards for 6 or 7 classes it helps bring the workload down.

So I have detailed the process for that below, which you can try out. Or you can just use the deck however you want. Or neither! I just hope this helps some people out. :slight_smile:

Directions for use:

  1. Download this and the app, and the other two trimester decks that I have posted on here.
  2. Learn anki basics, the tag system, and the deck system.
  3. Download the Deadline 2 add on ( Deadline2 - AnkiWeb ) and the image occlusion enhanced add on ( Image Occlusion Enhanced - AnkiWeb )
  4. Suspend all of the cards at the start of the year.
  5. When you have a lecture, find the corresponding cards for that class via the tag system and unsuspend them.
  6. Go to the tools section to configure the Deadline. Add a deadline for the day before the test sometime (I usually wanted to finish the new cards the weekend before the test).
  7. Continue to do this after each of the lectures.
  8. Anytime you end a day without finishing the new cards or you unsuspend a new set of cards, you should process the deadlines again.
  9. Do all the cards.

I recommend also getting an anki remote from Amazon or you can get a Nintendo Switch controller to do the job too. You can actually use any gaming controller. You’ll need the Karabiner app for Mac for the Amazon anki remotes or the JoyKeyMapper app for Mac if you’re using a Switch controller.

This was made in 2022 so keep that in mind. Medicine changes and if something I have conflicts with what you learn in class, it may have changed. You can edit the cards or you can delete them.