Thick, black line over menu bar in every Anki window

Hi everyone!
I am a happy, long time user of Anki for both PC and Android. Recently I had to re-install my Windows (10, 64bit), after installing Anki again I keep getting now this thick black line over every menu bar in the app (see screenshot). Unfortunately the buttons still behave as if they were in their usual spot, so navigation became bit of a problem. Another thing is this pop-up about new scheduler, that keeps coming back no matter what I click. I have tried uninstalling the newest version, installing the previous one, but still the same. Any ideas how to solve this?

  1. Can you disable all addons and retry?
  2. I have been using scheduler V2 since 2.1.41 went out and be happy with it.
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The black line issue could be caused by hardware acceleration. Try changing the video driver (to the ANGLE driver maybe) from Anki’s preferences.


Thank you guys for suggestions - changing to ANGLE driver did the trick! Thanks Abdo!
As for the scheduler - that was a slight brainfart on my side. I was clicking the update button alright, but then when I was closing ANKI and it prompted me, that the decks on ANKI web are too different and what do I want to do about it, I was choosing to re-download decks from the website :woman_facepalming:
Anyway, now everything is up and running, thanks a lot again!