The sync operation adds a '+' to my deck's name

I don’t know what that means.

That sometimes happens to note types because Anki is finding ones that have the same name, but it cannot be sure that they are exactly the same. But I haven’t seen that happen with decks.

Do those new plus-decks have any cards in them?

If you delete them (or empty and then delete them), are they recreated on the next sync?

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It was empty and after I deleted it and synced again it didn’t seem to come up.
Also I use ankidroid, not sure if this is caused by ankidroid having a conflict with desktop anki.

That’s good that it didn’t repeat. My suggestion would be to get your devices completely in sync (that means 3 syncs, decktop-droid-desktop or vice versa). Then run a Check Database on one device to clean up any stray data, and force a one-way sync from there to AnkiWeb, and receive that one-way sync on the other device.

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I’ll try it. Thanks!

It will happen if a deck with the same name is added to multiple devices without syncing in between.

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