The reviewer blinks when using @import url in style

I’ve tried on current master. I’ve tried without add-ons. On ubuntu.
The reviewer blinks usually when I move from side to side or to new card.

The same style create no problem if it is directly put in the style part. However, I prefer to import style, because this allow me to use the same style in all documents, and more specifically to update a single time to get the update everywhere.

As a side note, it seems you forgot to add 2.1.48 tag in git

This is a known issue: flickering when external css reference used · Issue #1455 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


Looks tagged to me?

I’ve no idea what your question means. Sorry

You said:

I’m quite confused. Because while I see this commit in git history

it does not comes with a tag attached the way I used to see older tags.

It’s even more surprising that when I do the a new clone from your repository, this time I see the tag.

(Seems the tag is not set on the commit where tag number is incremented, which I find even more surprising)

I usually use those tag to ensure that I look at the correct version of the code when debugging an add-on. On the one hand it is less easy to debug. On the other hand, I guess at least now I know I was not lo°oking at exactly the good commit.

If you ‘git checkout 2.1.49’ and look at the log, you’ll see the previous tags. The last few releases have been bugfix releases that cherry-picked changes from the master branch.