Bug: Font Flicker on Reviews

Just as a new card is shown the font flickers before locking into the correct font. Looks like the font has a lag when loading.

This does not happen every time, but I was recording my screen so I was able to get specific information this time that it happened. This has been happening as far back as I can remember. It never breaks the card or font, so I have not been too worried about it, although fixing it would be nice. I haven’t tested this, but it feels like it happens closer to the start of my review session.

Anki Version: Version ⁨2.1.57 (6b7d372c)⁩
Font: Noto Sans CJK JP

If any other information is needed, I can send it over.

I’ve logged this on Preload custom fonts? · Issue #2355 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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