Text not syncing across all devices

All cards are showing up as created in pc, but when viewed in 9th gen iPad or iPhone 12; the cards are missing some or all of the text question. I’m using most current version of Q6 on pc and current version of IOS version on phone and tablet. Cards have embedded audio language file that works correctly. The only issue is with the text. Some cards have a completely blank front. Some cards have only one word of the sentence or question. I deleted both iOS apps and reinstalled, but the issue continued with the same cards. The issue appears to be with sentences starting with a blank or have a blank within the sentence or question itself. Also, issue with sentence/ question starting with the upside-down question mark or non-US keyboard characters. Does anyone have a solution to how may be able to resolve this issue, so that the cards display properly on IOS devices?

Some of your cards are forcing the text color, which makes it difficult or impossible to see if you’re using night mode.

If you click on the <> icon to reveal the HTML, you can see the styling, and use Find&Replace to remove it in bulk.

Eg, replacing "color: rgb(14, 14, 17);" with ""

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