I'm unable to see the question on the iPad/iPhone app but everything working fine on the desktop version

Screenshot of what I’m seeing : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This is my first time making anki cards myself and I’ve been using the Cloze (multiple) setting. When I preview and study them on the Windows desktop version of Anki everything goes smoothly and I’m able to see my question first and then hit the space bar to reveal the answer. However when I sync up to my iPad/iPhone the question no longer appears all I see is the […] and when I tap the screen for “good” the answer and the question show up together.

Did I make the cards incorrectly or can someone help me with this!

The card template from the shared deck you’re using has bad mobile styling that makes the text illegible in night mode. If you remove the .mobile styling, it will likely resolve the issue. Or you could switch to the light theme in AnkiMobile for a simple fix.

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Thank you so much! I was so frustrated I thought I had wasted all my time. Appreciate the answer

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