Text not showing up during card review

For some weird reason, the cards are showing up empty during review.

1st, I´ve installed the app, and it worked perfectly. A few days later - no text showed. I´ve re-installed the app a few times + ran the “Repair” app, and finally, Anki worked well again.

Yesterday, same problem occured, and re-starting does not help.

Only Q/A (front/back) does not show; when I click “edit note”, the note shows up. On my other devicec (windows PC, online, my other android phone), everything works fine.

What can be the issue, and how to fix it?

I have Samsung galaxy A3. The font is system default, and the letters are normal English.

Debug info:

AnkiDroid Version = 2.14.3

Android Version = 8.0.0

ACRA UUID = 999b9bae-a22c-44e4-a1fd-a556e5e68302

Scheduler = std

Crash Reports Enabled = true