Text direction wrong in Browser view except for sort field

I am using Anki 2.1.48 for learning Arabic, and my problem is that although I set all the Arabic fields to right-to-left direction, only the one I choose as sort field ends up displayed the right way in the card browser. The “Answer” and “Question” that I configured are always displayed left-to-right.
This makes searching quite complicated, because I want my sort field to be different from my “Answer” that I’m displaying.

Does anyone know why this happens, and whether it can be fixed ?


P.S.: This does not happen with AnkiDroid:

I think the question and answer columns are not automatically shown in RTL order because they can be customized to show the content of multiple fields at once. I don’t know exactly how AnkiDroid handles this, but my guess is that it depends on some native Android function that sets column directionality according to the dominant text directionality. Maybe Anki can do the same.

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The sort field uses the direction you’ve specified for that field in the Fields dialog. The question/answer fields use the direction of the interface language you’ve selected. It seems that Qt ignores direction markers in the text, so it’s not possible to adjust the direction by adjusting your card template.


It would be great to have either the direction set by the dominant text, or have the choice of orienting the “Question” and “Answer” columns as the user wishes (shouldn’t be very complicated to implement).