Tagged but not Tagged

Hallo Ankiusers,

i have a problem and hope you can help me solve it. I learned spanish in school but could never speak it. But now school has finished and i want to learn it. So i downloaded an Anki Deck called Spanisch 5000 which is the best rated German Spanisch Deck. Because it is just one big deck i want to break it down a little. And on their website they say it’s possible because the words are Tagged, but they aren’t. As you can see here there are no taggs (Picture).

The Taggs should be called E01, E02 …… and when you look at at the Card Information there is a field called “Einheit” which means Unit in English, where Information like E01 … is writen(Picture). Is there any way in can filter for this field or should i just tag the cards by my self?

Hope you can see the pictures i added.

Yes, apparently they didn’t use Anki’s tag feature, so that why you don’t see the tags, but you can still filter them with the query Einheit:E01.


Ok thanks Im going to try that.

Thanks for one Unit it works. But what can i do if i want more than one unit in this deck? I just tried it like this but it does not work “deck:Spanisch 5000” (“Einheit:E01” and “Einheit:E02”)

I there any website where all these orders are shown? I can only try stuff from Youtube Videos and thats mostly does not work.

Try or instead:

"deck:Spanisch 5000" ("Einheit:E01" or "Einheit:E02")

The search syntax is documented here: Searching - Anki Manual


Actually, this is the opposite of what you want :stuck_out_tongue: I think you read it like “I want everything that matches Einheit:E01 and everything that matches Einheit:E02”, but what you wrote is in fact “I want everything that matches Einheit:E01 and Einheit:E02”, which doesn’t work for obvious reasons (Einheit:E01 and Einheit:E02 are mutually exclusive, so you don’t get any result). That’s why you havet to turn the and into an or.