Tag uses and when create them so they can be of a use later

Since we can create subdecks i don’t get the idea how to use tags to organize my cards since I don’t use any premade deck what would tags provide better over creating subdecks,?
Any mindset or plan that i should keep in mind while creating them so they will be useful later?
If possible give some real-life example strategy in creating tags

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Why tags? Because it simplifies everything. You need not worry about creating subdecks for each subject because you can use “ Custom Study ” more selectively later on.

Tags are supposed to be used for grouping cards that don’t appear to have anything in common, or for something that’s not important enough to add to a field. Fields have the advantage of being sortable, and you can filter your cards by field just as easily as you can with tags. Fields are also easier to add to the back of your cards in a way that’s easy to read.