Tag and filtered deck

Hello !
I am French, please excuse me for any language mistakes.

I am a medical student, and i have a question about tag and filtered deck
Is it possible to create a filtered pack from a tag without the cards moving pack?
Let me explain, for my exams I need to revise semiotics more than anything else.
I have a pack for each subject, but I’d like to have a pack containing all the cards with the semiotics tag, but without moving them from their initial pack.
I’d like to have a pack with all the semiology cards but without them being moved from their initial pack, so that I can revise a little semiology every day and continue to work on the subjects in their entirety.

If you have any solutions, I’d love to hear from you!
Thanks for all your help !

Filtered decks always move cards. Some options you have:

  • you could use the ‘empty’ action to move the cards back to the original deck when you need them
  • you could set the filtered deck to a small limit, so when you build it each day, it only fetches as many cards as you wish to study in the filtered deck
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