Filter cards with input needed

I’ve have about 300-400 cards to learn every day. For half I have to do a keyboard input.
I would like to do it this way:

  1. work on my PC and do only the cards where I need keyboard input.
  2. go for a walk and learn the other cards.

The cards with a keyboard input have a specific input. I can also tag them.

But how can I filter/select these cards?

PS: the cards are mixed in the same decks.

As you proposed, you could tag them and then study these tagged cards with a filtered deck.

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Should be no need to tag, since you can include notetype and card template names in searches. One thing to bear in mind if you plan to use the filtered deck for exclusion rather than study is that it will mark all cards pulled in as modified, which can increase sync times if only a small portion of those cards were due - in that case, you may want to add terms like is:due to the search. Another option you may wish to consider is placing the typing cards permanently in a different deck. That way you can click on the typing deck when you’re in a position to review them, and don’t need to manually move things about.

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