Syncing error on Mac

Hi y’all, I’m wondering if someone can help me with an error I’m having. To start off, I’m not the most tech-savvy when it comes to code or anything like that but I can find my way around with detailed instructions.

I’m trying to sync my decks on my Macbook (Sonoma 14.2.1), but I keep getting the following error: ‘Invalid sync server specified. Please check the preferences.’ Here’s what I’ve tried so far to do:

  • Deleted the application and downloaded it again (I don’t know how to check which version of the app it is but it is the version as of today that’s for Apple Silicon)

  • Creating a new account, changing the password, logging out and logging in

  • Open and close the app a few times

  • Play around with the Synchronization options (as of now, Synchronize audio…, Automatically sync…, and Periodically sync… are checked, but On next sync… is not)

The problem is, because of this error, I cannot log in anymore because every time I try to click the button, the error pops up. I couldn’t see any posts that deal with the same problem so I decided to create my own post.

Advice on how to avoid this error? Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

You have likely set a „self hosted sync server“ in your preferences. So Anki tried to sync to a non-existing individual server. The field needs to be empty.

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