Synchronization timeout

I’ve got a large database (170k units) and I started getting synchronization timeout.


I reduced the database size to about 90k.
Performed database checking (at some point it kept failing, but now it succeeds).
Performed the other checks (empty cards, file check with removing files from the bin).

The progress bar in “sending to AnkiWeb” progresses further, but it is still timeout 1/3.

The collection size:

Anki version:
2.1.31 (13476503)

Try the latest beta build (Anki 2.1.33beta2) -

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Thank you for the answer. The problem was solved by exporting the portions of the deck I have added since the last update, and then downloading the full collection from ankiweb.

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I recommend you update to the latest stable version to prevent it from happening again in the future.