Failed upload to AnkiWeb

Hi there, I have been having trouble uploading to AnkiWeb.

I first noticed this when I tried to sync and Anki said that I need to upload to AnkiWeb due to differences.

When I try to upload, the notification window will say “uploading to ankiweb” for 1 seconds and then “checking” for about 10s before saying the following:
" Connection timed out. Please try again. If you see frequent timeouts, please try a different network connection.

Error details: ⁨⁩"
(note that there’s nothing after “Error details”)

Here’s what I have tried.
1, relaunch Anki - does not solve the issue
2, reinstall Anki - does not solve the issue
3, use multiple VPN - does not solve the issue
4, use a backup - all backups said that there’s a difference and need to upload, and all failed with same error message
5, download from Ankiweb - this does work and sync works after downloading, however when I try to force an upload by changing a card field and when Anki asked me to upload to Ankiweb, the same problem occurs.
6. suspended all my addons and retry - does not solve the issue
7, my iPhone and iPad can sync with Ankiweb no problem.

Thank you for your help, appreciate your time


In the syncing preferences, you could try increasing your timeout to say 300 - does that help?

Thank you, it worked!

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