Synching issue (unable to sign into Anki account)

I am a new Anki user and I am trying to synchronize my decks that I have started on my laptop to use on my tablet. I am an iOS user and downloaded the application from the internet.

When prompted to enter my Anki web ID and pw, I do so and I get this message
Syncing failed:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “aqt/sync.pyc”, line 324, in run
File “aqt/sync.pyc”, line 341, in _sync
File “anki/sync.pyc”, line 622, in hostKey
File “anki/sync.pyc”, line 596, in req
File “httplib2/init.pyc”, line 1597, in request
File “httplib2/init.pyc”, line 1345, in _request
File “aqt/sync.pyc”, line 467, in _conn_request
File “httplib2/init.pyc”, line 1036, in connect
SSLHandshakeError: [SSL: TLSV1_ALERT_PROTOCOL_VERSION] tlsv1 alert protocol version (_ssl.c:661)

if this requires updating software, would I potentially lose all the work that I have already made with my decks?

Thank you!

I ended up downloading a newer version. The synching works, but now I lost all of the images that I had saved on my cards! Very stressful and disappointed. Is there anyway to get those back? I see that there is a folder on my MacBook labeled " collection media" and all of the pics are there. Anyway to have them put onto the cards where they belong?