Synch error on Ankimobile

I recently bought an iPad and have been setting up Ankimobile for the first time. Unfortunately when I try to synch with ankiweb, I get the following error message.


Grateful if anyone could let me know what this means or how this can be fixed.


That looks like it may have been a network error. Does it continue to happen if you sync again? If so, how soon after you start syncing does it appear?

Thanks for letting me know! It normally appears around three minutes after synching.

I tried running a synch using a different wifi network and didn‘t get the error message this time. But I didn‘t get a „synch complete“ notification either. Is there normally no message when synchs are completed?

Thanks again!

If you have the media sync screen visible, it will say when it’s complete. For normal syncs, there’s a brief yellow pop-up at the bottom left of the window when the sync completes.

Thanks! Hope I’m not asking a silly question, but how would I make the media synch screen visible when running a synch? Haven’t noticed any brief yellow pop up. The below window flashes up for a split second and then disappears when I run a synch now (let me know if the screenshot isn’t visible).

Thanks again.

My apologies, I’d forgotten you were on iOS. On iOS, there’s no pop-up, but the window in your screenshot indicates that the non-media part of syncing is in progress, and when that window closes it indicates completion of the non-media portion (assuming no error message pops up). Media syncing won’t start until that window disappears.

Thanks! Is there anything to indicate when the media synching is complete? At the moment, that window closes and there’s nothing to indicate that anything else happens afterwards.

Apologies for the multiple messages - I’m also getting a notification that I need to upgrade to the v3 scheduler. Am I correct in thinking that, if my collection is fully synched, then there is generally no risk in upgrading to the v3 scheduler? Thanks again!

If you tap on the spinner shown while media is syncing, it will open the media syncing page where you should see “media sync complete” when it finishes.

Yes, upgrading to the v3 scheduler is a minor operation, and not much can go wrong.

Many thanks. Nothing seems to be happening when I press the spinner. However, when I go into “media synch log” in the settings menu I see the words “media synch complete”. Can I safely assume from this that all my data is synched?

Thanks again.

Yes, that indicates all data that’s on AnkiWeb is now also on your device.

Many thanks!

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