Synced from Ankimobile and lost progress on a deck on Ankiweb

I synced from ankimobile and lost progress on a deck that I did primarily on ankiweb, just wondering if there’s a way to completely undo the sync so that my ankiweb goes back to how it was before.

If it just happened today – Damien can sometimes restore a recent backup from the server-side, but you might not get a lot of choice when it comes to the date of the backup. He’ll catch your message the next time he’s online.

In the meantime – did you keep AnkiWeb in sync with any other devices?

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The only time I ever synced with ankiweb was to get the original deck from ankimobile to ankiweb. I pretty much exclusively used ankiweb though since I was only doing the one deck.

Hopefully there will be a way to restore it. Going forward, you’ll want to make sure you sync somewhere regularly so you’ll have a backup.

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