Sync Issue with Flashcards and Media Files


I am Sahand ghorbani and I use the Anki app on both my laptop and mobile device. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered an issue with synchronization between the two devices.

  • Problem:
    “I have uploaded both audios and photos for the flashcards I created on my laptop. Everything works fine when I use the laptop, but when I use another device, such as my mobile phone, the audios and photos don’t play. I think the issue might be with how I uploaded them.”
    The error message I receive is: ‘Failed to load my media files.’

  • Steps Taken:

    1. "I have used the ‘Attach’ option when uploading audio or photo on my laptop, and after finishing my tasks, I pressed the ‘Sync’ option.

    2. On my phone, after logging into my account, I also pressed the ‘Sync’ option. All flashcards come through, but only their audio and images are missing.

  • Application Versions:

    • Anki version on the laptop:
      23.10.1 (fac9e0ee)
    • Anki version on the mobile device:
  • Operating System:

    • Laptop: windows 10
    • Mobile device: android 11

Please guide me on resolving this issue. Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
Sahand ghorbani

Try resyncing on Android and waiting until all files have been synced without changing to another app. Sometimes if you change to another app the synchronization will stop and not all your media will be there.

In fact, try synching your AnkiDroid several times, until it syncs in a second or so and the synching window closes by itself.

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