Sync error while uploading anking deck

I’ve uploaded the anking deck today from google drive, it has a volume of 3 GB but the sync wouldn’t be made and it’s showing me this message image
i don’t know what to do so i can fix this problem

By the error message (“dns error … os error 11001”) and a bit of googling, it looks like something was wrong with your internet connection. If you’re using VPN, try to disable it.

But are you sure if failed? Could you scroll down to the last line? Could you log in into your AnkiWeb account with your web browser and check its disk usage?

Disk usage: 20.12MB (0.00MB media)


yep i think there was a problem with my internet
now i’ve checked my disk usage and found it

i think everything is alright now
thanks so much

yesterday i ve uploaded the anking deck with media, it has over 3 gb of volume but the sync has failed

, what can i do

Since it’s a duplicate, I’ve replied to it in the previous post.