Switching from iPhone to Samsung - Pay again?

I paid for the 25$ app on my iPhone and am thinking of getting a new Samsung phone. Will I need to pay for the app again if I get a different phone?

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AnkiDroid is what you’re looking for on Android, and it is free if I’m not mistaken. It is not the same as AnkiMobile (for iPhone and iPad), as it is made by a separate team of volunteers. I don’t have any firsthand knowledge, but I think the general experience is the same, and it does sync to your AnkiWeb account.

Thanks. I hope so. I’m preparing for boards and made a file with 25 decks in it. Hope they transfer over

Yes, you can sync your collection over AnkiDroid and it’s absolutely free.

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Just sync your decks to AnkiWeb. I regularly review on my Samsung phone (AnkiDroid), iPad (AnkiMobile), desktop (Ubuntu) and laptop (macOS) – it works absolutely seamlessly as long as you remember to sync.