Ankidroid to AnkiMobile

Hello everyone,
i recently bought an iPad. I’ve been using Ankidroid on my Android Phone for years but now I found out Ankidroid isn’t available for iOS devices.
Is it possible to transfer my cards from my Android Phone (Ankidroid) to my iPad (AnkiMobile)?

I don’t necessarily need the cards so be synchronized between the two devices. I would like to switch on my iPad.


If you don’t want to synchronize your collection through Ankiwebm you can export it to an .colpkg file in Ankidroid and then import that file into Ankimobile.

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As the name suggests, AnkiDroid is for Android… There are structural differences between iOS and Android that makes it so impossible to have the same application working for both targets; or, put otherwise, a version for each target has to be developed. In the case of Anki (contrary to what most apps do), the two versions have different names, so you’re able to distinguish them. One is called AnkiDroid, the other one AnkiMobile.

However, they are “the same application” to the same extent, say, firefox for Android and firefox for iOS are “the same application”. This means, for instance, that they both belong to Anki’s ecosystem, so you can freely and seamlessly share data between both applications, either by syncing them (through AnkiWeb) or simply by exporting / importing.