Support the "Look Up" feature in macOS to quickly check word definitions

Description of feature request

In macOS, the “Look Up” feature allows users to easily access the OS built-in dictionaries:

When using Anki to learn foreign vocabularies, it would be much more convenient for me if I could use the “Look Up” feature to find in-depth definitions of any words in the cards. I imagine many Anki language-learners on macOS would benefit greatly as well.

Additional notes

  • To my limited knowledge, this feature requires native macOS Contextual Menus in order to work.
    • …which means it works out of the box in native macOS apps.
    • Firefox, a non-native app, recently implemented native macOS Contextual Menus in version 89.0. I assume this means it’s not technically impossible to implement Contextual Menus and Look Up in Anki, although it could require much work.

I’m not sure this is possible with Qt. If anyone has any insight, please let us know. :slight_smile:

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