Enabling MacOs "Look Up" AND "Live Text" on the anki


The AnkiMobile on IPad allows text to be selected directly from pictures (copy/ paste/ lookup/ etc.) picture attached:

Live text:

Look up:

MacOS also has these features on the native photo, safari, and preview apps. Is there an Add-on that enables the native “Look-up” and “Live Text” without opening another window or browser like Ankibrowser or AnkiOSX dictionary.

Anki uses a cross-platform framework to display the app in Windows, Mac and Linux, so to my understanding, this prevents the use of macOS unique features

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Yes, but is it possible to have an Add-on that can circumnavigate that?

Idk, don’t have experience with add-ons to help with

i believe not, since all add-ons do is expand on anki toolkit, and since the toolkit doesn’t have it, then neither add-ons will do

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