Suggestion: Sync some Bottom Bar preference options with their counterparts in computer version

The Remaining Count and Answer Buttons options under Preferences > Review > Bottom Bar in AnkiMobile have equivalents in the computer version, but they don’t appear to be synced.

It makes long term sense, but there are a few things that make this a bit complicated:

  • IIRC the code currently assumes it’s a global option, and won’t vary by deck
  • the options are stored in client-local storage ( and AnkiMobile’s equiv.), so we’d need to migrate the options from the old location or risk causing some disruption to users like happened with the auto advance settings

They are global preferences in the computer version too.

What I meant is that if we made them vary by deck config instead of keeping them as global preferences, we’d need extra logic in the GUI to adjust the bar as each card was shown, which would be awkward. Putting them in the collection config and using the globe icon would solve that, but we may need to migrate the old settings as mentioned above.

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