Suggestion: Allow multiple concatenated fields in "type in the answer" cards

Scenario: You are learning Spanish vocabulary via Anki and have the following type of note:

Word: mesa
Article: la
Meaning: the table

You use this note to quiz yourself on which type ot article goes with which word (e.g. front: mesa?, back: la), but you’d also like to be quizzed on the meaning of the word, so that you have to answer both with the article and the word (e.g. front: the table? back: la mesa) by typing.

If you want to be able to answer “la mesa” on the second card via typing, currently you can’t unless you create an additional field in that note, or a separate note altogether. My proposal would be to allow “type in” answers to be comprised of multiple, concatenated fields, with a syntax such as the following:

{{type:Article+’ '+Word}}

Where + would concatenate things, and strings encapsulated with ‘quotes’ would be treated as string literals to be inserted as is. This feature would allow for more complex “type in” cards to be generated and more combinations off the same note without having to duplicate the same information.

I hope this makes sense :slightly_smiling_face: I love Anki, but in my time with it I’ve come again and again against this limitation, so I figured I’d try a feature request.

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