Issues with Multiple Type Fields Add-on in Anki

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I’ve recently started using Anki primarily for language learning, and I’ve encountered some challenges with the “Multiple type fields on card for 2.1” add-on. While it functions as expected, there are a couple of issues I’d like to address:

Error Message When Leaving “Englischer Satz” Field Empty: Whenever I leave the “Englischer Satz” field blank, I receive an error message, and I’m unable to view my cards. It seems both “type fields” must be used, but is there a way to prevent this error from occurring? For instance, could a solution involve ensuring that a specific character always populates the field, essentially ensuring it’s never empty?

Lack of Paragraph Separation During Review: When both type fields are used, I encounter another problem during review sessions. There’s no paragraph separation between the sentences in the “Englischer Satz” field; they all appear consecutively. Is there a way to address this? Can I utilize HTML within the “Fields” section in settings to insert line breaks (
or similar) to resolve this issue?

Any insights or guidance on resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Is that this add-on – ? It hasn’t been updated in a year, so it’s possible it’s not compatible with the version of Anki you’re using. The add-on author has instructions for how to get in contact if you have issues. That’s going to be the best way to find out if these things are fixable.

But I do have one question to ask back –

Why are you using this special (and possibly broken) method to have multiple type fields if you only want one type field (which is possible with native Anki functionality)?

I originally started using only one type field for vocabulary, relying on native Anki functionality. However, as I progressed in my language learning journey, I realized the importance of using vocabulary in context, specifically by constructing sentences. This is where the idea of utilizing two type fields came into play. I wanted to not only memorize individual words but also practice using them in sentences directly within Anki.

Unfortunately, many of my cards don’t yet have content in the Englischer Satz field, which triggers the error message. It’s frustrating because I believe incorporating multiple type fields enhances the learning experience, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of vocabulary within context.

I still find it puzzling why Anki doesn’t offer built-in support for multiple fields. It seems like a feature that would greatly benefit language learners and others looking to deepen their understanding of various topics.

Do you have any ideas on how I can solve my procedure differently, perhaps a method that I am not yet familiar with?

Using once card to test multiple things might seem more efficient, but it also gives you more ways to get things wrong, making it harder to grade your answers. I think you’d be better off with either multiple card types that each use a single type field, or doing something different for sentence cards.

Type-answer with Anki doing char-by-char comparison is valuable for very short, spelling dependent answers. But in a language with flexible word order, there can be many ways to build a “correct” sentence. You might be better off adding some JavaScript text field that you can simply type in and then compare yourself when you flip the card.

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With this method, I managed to prevent Anki from displaying an error message when a field is left empty.

However, I’m still not clear about my second issue
One possibility would be to use multiple fields, but I would have to update all of my cards, which would consume a lot of time

I don’t think you can overcome that with the type-answer feature. It strips out all formatting in order to do the comparison. [Which was part of why I suggested that this feature might not be a good fit for what you’re trying to do.]