Subtract buried cards from daily limit

So here’s my situation: I have a deck of 200 cards and daily limit of 50 new cards. Of these, I can do say 30 on-the-go while I’m on the bus, but I need pen and paper for the remaining 20. When I use Anki on my iPhone I can swipe down and bury the card/bury and mark it, it’s pretty handy, then I come home, unbury the deck and I review the marked cards.

Problem is: if I bury a card the daily limit remains 50, but I want it to go down to 49 because I will review the cards later, and if Anki doesn’t count them it will pick another card from the deck everytime I bury one and I’ll end up doing 50 “on-the-go” cards during the day and then when I come home I’ll have to review all the other cards I buried.

I could keep count manually, or use the browse function and filter for buried cards and subtract it from the daily limit myself, but I’d have to do it periodically. Is there a way or some sort of workaround so that I can make Anki subtract the cards I bury from the daily limit and maybe make them reappear once I unbury the deck?

ANKI has a variety of tools that allow you to mark a map without burning it.Later, you can devote more time to marked cards using a filtered deck.

Sorry, Anki only decreases the remaining count when a card is answered. Another option if you don’t want to reduce/keep an eye on the remaining count, might be to do the buried cards the next day instead.

A couple more ideas for the hopper –

  • Set your limit to 30 instead. The 20 cards you bury won’t impact that, and you’ll still get to actually study no more than 30. When you get home, those 20 can either be introduced in a Filtered Deck, or by increasing your “today only” limit on the deck.
  • If the 20 cards will always need to be studied later at home, you can separate them into their own subdeck – or if they’re already in a subdeck, change your Deck Options – so they aren’t offered during your on-the-go study. You can study them in your planned at-home study later. [This is a little short on specifics, because a lot depends on what is causing them to be offered now.]

Thanks you all for the answers, I think I will keep track of how many cards I’m marking and burying so that I don’t overshoot the new cards daily limit, then the next day I will unbury the deck, recreate a filtered deck with marked cards only and go through that deck the first thing in the morning.

My problem was mainly motivation-related: if I bury a card knowing I will do it later and anki just replaces it with a new one and the new card count remains the same it feels to me like I’m doing an infinite amount of cards instead of say 50 (i said 50 for the sake of simplicity, it’s actually 250 new cards per day from a deck of 3,5k lol).

As Danika_Dakika said, I can also try decreasing the daily limit knowing that there will be 50-something cards I will bury while doing the 200 “on-the-go” cards of the daily limit. By doing 200 cards on the go and 50 the next day I will keep an average of 250 new cards per day

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