Study modes, or temporary deck settings

I think many users have needs that change from day to day. For example, sometimes I have limited time, so I just want to do a quick review to stay on top of past learning. And sometimes I feel urgency in learning new cards, which takes me a lot more time.

It occurs to me that instead of offering a single “Study” button for each deck, Anki could offer separate buttons, for example:

  • Study: Default Mode (based on deck settings)
  • Study: Learning Mode (new + learning cards only)
  • Study: Review Mode (skip new cards for now)

Alternatively, there could be some way change deck settings “just for now,” with the next session automatically reverting to previous settings.

Also, for my default deck settings, I would love an additional option between “Show [new cards] Before Reviews” (which seems too intense for me) and “Mix [new cards] With Reviews” (which delays too many new cards toward the end of session). I’d prefer something like “Show New Cards Early in Sesson along with some reviews” or “Mix with first 35% of reviews.”
2022-05-28 08_54_11-Options for Brett Vocabulary

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You can easily do that with filtered decks

That’s also easily doable by using different deck options presets