Strange behaviour when modifying a note

With Anki 2.1.66 on MacOS Ventura, when I am reviewing cards and I happen to modify one, there is a behaviour I had never seen before. It is illustrated by the attached screenshots:

Capture 1: the card before it is modified.
Capture 2: the editing window after the modification.
Capture 3: what I see when I close the editing window.

[Edit] The modification is saved though it does not appear immediately.

Is it a feature I am not aware of or a bug? Thanks in advance.

The modification should appear as soon as you focus the main screen.

Thank you, it does appear. But what I was wondering about is: if it is a new feature, what is its use? If it is a bug, of course I understand that developping such a powerful and complicated tool as Anki involves possible errors.

When the user makes changes to a note they are reviewing, they naturally want their changes to show up when they go back to the review screen. I’d say this is obvious, unless if I misunderstood the question.

Of course, and it’s what happened before, but since a few weeks, maybe since I upgraded to Ventura, there’s that window with a grey text (my third screenshot) which doesn’t reflect the changes.

That window with grey text should refresh when you focus it. Are you saying that’s not the case for you?

I think they’re asking why it becomes grey. That’s because you don’t want it refreshing every time you type a character in the edit screen, replaying audio each time.

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That’s right. I would prefer to see the modified card directly when I close the editing window without this shadow of the former state of the card, as it was the case before.

If you focus the main window, it will automatically refresh.

I’m not sure what “focus on the main window” means. Leave the deck and go back to it? Cards do refresh anyway, for instance if I see them again.
On the other hand, I’m wondering if this can be caused by a too large collection. Mine has about 60,000 cards. Maybe I should split it in several profiles?

If the main window is not the one in front after you close the editing screen, clicking on the main window will remove the grey.

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