Modification and Preview

I updated recently (from 2.1.26 to 2.1.28), and I noticed that thing (because I use that feature a lot)
On 2.1.26, if I edit a card, with its preview still open (using the cards browser), it is updated (useful, because so, I don’t have to close/open or change cards to view the modification)
But, on 2.1.28, it doesn’t update anymore (I have to change to another cards, and go back, to see the new version)
Something change about that, between 2.1.26 and 2.1.28 ?

Thanks, in advance, for your answer(s)!

@dae if it helps, the following commit by @addons_zz seems to be at fault and reverting it seems to fix the issue.

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I would not just revert that commit because it indeed has a double call (which breaks my Javascript code for

A new commit should be added by adding the missing call on this new case.

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Please let me know if the latest beta does not fix it.


Thank you very much! :smile: The beta 2 (2.1.29 (61e8611b) solved that issue.

off topic: by the way, I noticed that some add-ons (like Anki Zoom) works now in the preview, too. pretty useful, too :slight_smile:

EDIT: my mistake, :sweat_smile: now, the Anki Zoom in this version doesn’t work anymore (in the preview windows). (it was working in 2.1.28, only in that version, by the way)
(I can seen the popup info for the zoom changing, but the preview is not)