Stop showing specific words (review step) for a favorite duration of time


Is it possible to stop showing specific words of review that I learn for a specific duration of time? Some new words that I learn are almost difficult (proficiency and advanced level) and don’t like to see them every day. I prefer to see them after learning intermediate and easier words, then back to the difficult words and start to review.

I’d like to choose those difficult words (for example 20 ones) then tells to Anki to show them in the next 10 days to me, not tomorrow or next hours?

Does Anki have the ability to do it for me to customize when and which words show at a specific time?


There are several ways of doing this, the easiest one is probably to move the difficult cards to another deck, and study that deck when you feel you’re ready.

You can also use the reposition command in the browser.

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Hi cqg,

As you know “Reposition” feature only works for “New Cards”, while I need an option to work with the cards in the “review” step. Because I found out some words (cards) that I learn are difficult and many times I need to click the “again” button or the “hard” button. So I think it’s better I study them after learn the easier ones, then back to difficult ones. After starting the review step; I can recognize which ones are easy for me; and which ones are difficult and need more study to learn them. So when I create new cards, I can’t decide at that time and first need to review the process and try myself.

I guess the Idea of collect and move those difficult cards to a new deck would be better, but it’s not a perfect and convenient option. Bury Note/Card feature hides cards until the next day. If we could bury cards for a specific day (like bury for 6, 10, 15, etc… days) it would be great, than to see and face the difficult cards the next day in the default option (Bury feature).

In that case, the change due date command might work for you.


Also, I think about the Due Date, Easy access under the “More” button, or faster; using its shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D to set a date.

Thank you

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